6th Annual Taste of Norway & Lost Arts Fair/Fall Gift & Craft Show

The Iola Historical Society is playing up Iola’s Norwegian history again with the 5th Annual Taste of Norway & Lost Arts Fair, held at the Society’s Historic Village and Museum on Depot Street in downtown Iola on Saturday, October 3, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Originally settled by Swiss immigrants who started a lumber mill and grist mill in the mid-1800s, by the late 1800s Norwegian immigrants became the predominant ethnic background of the settlers in the growing village.


Taste of Norway includes demonstrations on Norwegian cooking and samples of pastries.  Lefse making will also be shown. Norwegian food items, including lefse, will be available for sale.


The Lost Arts Fair artisans show off their skills at “lost arts” such as jewelry making, blacksmithing, rug weaving, rosemaling (Norwegian artwork), wool spinning, basketweaving, beekeeping, and other activities. Individuals who have these skills and would be interested in attending the Lost Arts Fair, please contact the Iola Historical Society.


The Iola-Scandinavia Chamber of Commerce hosts the 15th Annual Fall Gift And Craft Show, with vendors selling a variety of items including framed artwork, jewelry, candles, candies, clothing and woodwork. Contact Jodi Schmoldt if interested in being a vendor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


In addition to the event, the Iola Historical Society’s museum and adjacent Historic Village will be open to the public. All proceeds go to the benefit of the Iola Historical Society.


The Iola & Rural Fire Department will also be holding a fire extinguisher check for area homeowners free of charge, to be held at the vintage fire department at the Iola Historical Society.


A community event, local organizations and businesses have come together to build a partnership. In addition to the Iola Historical Society and Iola-Scandinavia Chamber of Commerce, others involved include the Iola Lions, Sons Of Norway, Northland Lutheran Church. A Taste of Elegance bakery, and the Crystal Café.

Haunted Mill

The Iola-Scandinavia Junio Class is proud to present the 2015 Haunted Mill! They have tours ranging from very kid-friendly to hair raising, scare your socks off!

Opening Saturday, October 24th 7pm-11pm with a full fright, not appropriate for young children, version.

Sunday, October 25th 1-4pm This is a lights on, kid friendly, community interest day.  Come and see our costumes and how we’ve haunted the mill.  This is for all ages and for anyone that would like to see it without being scared. All tickets this day are $3.00

Thursday, October 29th 6-10pm6-7:30 pm Tours will be a little milder, not quite as frightening, but beware, it is still too scary for very young children and those that scare easily. After 7:30, it’s full fright until 10.

Friday, October 30th 7-11pm, full fright all night

Saturday, October 31st 7-11:30, full fright all night

Ticket prices are $5 for 12 and under  $7 for 13 and up, Sunday “Lights On” all tickets are $3

The Junior Class is collecting items for the food pantry. Any food item you bring for the pantry gets you $1 off your price of admission.